We’re thrilled you’re here! We want to sell houses and provide financial abundance, just like you! Our mission is strategic. Once we assist you in leveraging your time, we will accomplish those goals, right along with you. We understand a lot of you’re time is taken away by doing daily tasks like listings, managing transactions, follow ups and open houses. You sure don’t want to waste more energy into figuring out the complex tasks, like creating technical online systems, or analytics. We know it’s frustrating to handle these things AND perfect your craft at the same time.

Well, not anymore. The Virtual Blvd was created with you in mind.

We’re virtual assistants, who help busy real estate and financial professionals free up their time by handling their admin and social media tasks and tackle the tough stuff we’re good at!

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A virtual assistant does 3 important things:

1. Saves you time
2. Saves you money
3. Reduces your work load

If you don’t have an assistant, you are one.

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Social Media Starter Package

Social media plays a significant role as a lucrative marketing technique, and we want you to fully reap its benefits. Let us analyze your social media strategy by studying the relevant accounts,Read More...

Systems Setup Package

We live in a digital world these days and you need to adapt when it comes to business too. We start by going over your business model with a toothcomb in orderRead More...

Business Analysis Package

Is your business not taking off? Are you on the verge of launching a startup? It is crucial to get your business “evaluated and analyzed” before proceeding in a particular direction andRead More...

Administrative Package

An administrator has to oversee almost everything, which is a huge responsibility. To make the job easier, you need to adopt a systematic approach – all you have to do is customizeRead More...
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You might need to consider hiring a virtual assistant if: 1. You feel overwhelmed with your workload. 2. You need help digging out from the administrative pile. 3. You know you couldRead More...
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You May Need a Virtual Assistant

When becoming an entrepreneur we are in the habit of doing all the tasks ourselves, usually it’s because of what our budget allows. You will be in a position one day, receivingRead More...
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Are you wasting time making it Perfect?

Many times we may want to wait on a project, to make sure we get every single detail out there. Waiting to release something until it’s perfect, may result in it notRead More...
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The Real App Wants to Be Uber for Real Estate Agents

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'The Virtual Blvd' was a great asset to my team, always finished tasks in a timely manner. One thing I do like about them is that they is very detail orientated. I didn't have to go back and double check their work, because I knew when I asked 'The Virtual Blvd' to do something, it was going to get it done on time, with no errors. It was an absolute pleasure working with them. If you're someone that needs additional help in your business. I absolutely recommend 'The Virtual Blvd'.
Natalie Gouche Speaker, Trainer, & Coach LA Social Media Trainer
I struggled with three virtual assistants prior to hiring 'The Virtual Blvd'. They have been nothing but a huge game changer in my life and my online businesses ever since. So grateful to have FINALLY found a company that fits my style and gets the assignments completed in a timely manner.
Janelle McLeod Serial Entrepreneur
Finding virtual assistance is not an easy task, but working with 'The Virtual Blvd' totally renewed my faith! They were professional, courteous, responsive and fast! They delivered quality video transcriptions well before the due date and allowed us to save valuable time and money! 'The Virtual Blvd' continues to be on my short list of go-to virtual assistants.
Patrice C. Washington #1 Best-Selling Author The Money Maven